You could read rants about vast experience (below), but I expect your concern is more likely fast, accurate retouching and digital imaging. For you, it means perfect precision and invisibility when your end result must look photographic, and stunning results when you need illustrative, fantasy or stylized images.

Need to promote an upcoming product that doesn't yet exist? Book? DVD release? New model widget? Your KramerImaging results will probably be better than the final photograph, because it will be a first-generation digital image, crafted from assets you provide, or from scratch. Fast and reasonably-priced.

I could claim to have a decade or more of Photoshop expertise. But I have to be honest. It's more like 16 years of digital retouching and image creation (pretty much since the inception of Photoshop), and before that, 20+ years of conventional illustration and photo retouching. That's right, I used to use an airbrush, retouching dyes, masking film and all that stuff. Am I ever thankful for Photoshop! But enough about me, let me get you what YOU want.

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